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Dodger 11-30-2013 01:44 PM

Tire and Rim Options
I have a 200 Limited so it has 17 inch wheels. I'm thinking I need to get some winter tires and I'd like to buy rims and have the winters put on them so I can just switch them out and not have to have them remounted.
Any ideas what my options are? I'm not having much luck checking on line. Can I put 16 inch wheels on? Will the rims off of a 300 fit or will there be an offset issue as it's rear wheel drive? What happens with the tire pressure indicators, will I have a warning of some sort in the dash all winter?
Thanks for any help!

Gearhead43 01-24-2017 03:52 PM

300's are Rear wheel Drive... You are better off staying with wheels that are spec'd similar to your 200.. 5-114.5 mm Bolt circle with 40Mm offset. .. The Rim diameter doesn't matter as long as you maintain the same OD of your Org. Tires.. You can go to a Tire size website, enter your stock tire size and it will give you the tires OD.. You have to stay within 3% of that OD and there should not be any problems.. If you do get a set of 16 inch rims, you will probably have to purchase a set of 4 TPMS to install on the new rims.

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