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Default Severe pull to right

We have had our 2012 200 since Feb. 2012. As soon as we took delivery, and got to the highway to go home, we noticed a pull to the right. It got worse. Upon acceleration, if you are not holding on very tightly to the steering wheel, it will do a right turn. It has been to three dealerships and had about ten wheel alignments. A Chrysler rep. drove the car. He states it is normal, nothing wrong. It is worse than ever. The dealer's way of repairing the problem it to flatly deny that the condition exists. The car has been in the shop for almost three weeks. The pull is not caused by road crown or torque steer. But this the broken record explanation that Chrysler sticks to. Now, at about 33,000 miles, a cylinder head has to be replaced.

I hope the rest of you folks had better luck with your 200 than us. I can't wait to get rid of this thing. But who will buy it? As I have been in in the auto service industry in the past, I am amazed and extremely frustrated at the the apathy, and incompetence shown by three different Chrysler dealerships.

I wish I could afford to bring it to "The Burning Man" event, and do just that. Thank god I kept the our 96' Avenger. At 206,000 miles, it puts the 200 to shame.
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I am having the same problem with my 2014. The dealer is saying nothing is wrong. I purchased with about 2,500 miles & it now has about 5,000 miles. It only pulls with a hard acceleration from a stop. Not sure what to do.
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Are both you guys driving 200's with the 3.6L V6?.. If so, that's kinda normal under hard accel. If its a 4 cyl. better have the alignment checked
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