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Default V6 Cylinder Head Replacements

I can't believe that no one is posting cylinder head failures. We have had our 200 since Feb. 2012. It has the pentastar v6 engine. We just brought it in for an oil change, and the dealership states that the engine light went on. It was diagnosed with a misfire, and needs a new cylinder head! It is still under warranty, but just barely, as it has 34,000 miles on it. The service adviser said that she was very fortunate to find one as there are 5,000 of them on backorder! There were six 200's there waiting for cylinder head replacements.

Our car has been at the dealership for this repair for almost three weeks. Chrysler does not provide loaner cars for any reason to any dealership. Besides this, our 200 has been in the shop ten times for front end issues. No one can find the problem.

I have since been reading up on this cylinder head issue. It has stricken thousands of Chrysler vehicles that use this engine like the black plague. Why is this not on the news?

If anyone is considering buying one of these cars, please do yourselves a favor and look elsewhere. Although ours may be a lemon, I can't help but believe that there are many more just like it sitting on dealer's lots.
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I too had the infamous cylinder head failure. I can tell you from experience that once you no longer have warranty, Chrysler will stick you with the bill ($3,000). I have tried to escalate my claim, including e-mails to the executives at Chrysler, only to be called by their customer service to tell me that there is no issue with the Pentastar cylinder head!

I have sent links to the news articles where Chrysler executives admit to the problem, and the call centre's response is that if there was a problem, a recall would have been issued.

I encourage all owners of the Pentastar engine who have had their cylinder head replaced to log a complaint with the NTSB at www.safercar.gov

If there are enough complaints, an investigation will be launched and perhaps a recall issued to protect all owners in the future when their warranties expire.
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Oh no, I missed this when I was investigating buying a 200. I bought a newer car after driving older cars for years because I didn't want to have to worry about every little noise or major things like cylinder heads.
For the record, my 200 has a slight squeeking noise in the front left when I go over a speed bump or into our driveway. It's going in to the shop in a few days for the crappy rotors and they can check it then.
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Default 2015 200s awd

V6 Cylinder Head Replacement already but they went good for it .Big of em .Besides that its a good car .Trying to find out why is another problem.
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